Maintenance & wear

Sixt Leasing handles maintenance and servicing of your vehicles over the entire term of your contract, keeping you mobile at all times. A qualified team of Sixt employees in all countries in which our leasing partners operate also check and correct all the incoming bills.

A garage visit is unavoidable in the long term, whether for inspection or maintenance. For large fleets, in particular, this involves a considerable investment of time and high process and personnel costs. Sixt Leasing takes care of the maintenance and servicing of your vehicles for the entire contract period and keeps your authorized drivers and service staff mobile the whole time.

Our comprehensive network of Sixt partner garages guarantees the highest standards of quality and customer orientation when completing maintenance work and inspections. You also benefit from attractive additional services and prices from selected partners.

A qualified team at Sixt checks and corrects all the garage invoices. This helps us to quickly identify incorrect bills and offer a full-service module at an attractive price.

As part of the full-service 'Maintenance & wear' module , we look after:

  • Costs of repairing wear and tear
  • Costs of maintenance and inspection work
  • Review of garage invoices and handling any complaints

Your benefits from the full-service 'Maintenance & wear' module at a glance:

  • Non-cash utilisation of garage services
  • Dense network of Sixt partner garages
  • Invoice checks included to minimise flat rates

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